Our Story

Our journey started in September 2013 when I had the desire to start my own custom home decor business. When I opened The Shabby Store, I supported all International Sales for a major medical device company during the day, and then shifted gears to focus all my energy on my Etsy shop at night. My first goal was to grow the business just enough for me to leave the corporate world within a year.

After 10 months, I reached the point where I could not handle everything on my plate. I decided, with the support of my husband Steve, to leave my corporate career to focus on the Shabby Store full time.

The next step was to move into a bigger work space. With my dad's help (thanks Dad!), we overhauled our basement to meet our growing needs, even installing a custom paint booth, office, and shipping station. These changes were not only necessary, but also allowed me to save time and focus more on your needs. 

It was just a matter of time until we would need more space and extra help managing all the demands of a growing e-commerce business; after all, the shop is open 24 hours a day! We soon realized that a basement is not the most ideal space for a business. In November 2016, we bought a new house and spent two months renovating every square inch. The property fits all of our needs and we now have the shop in the attached in-law suite. Lisa, our part time assistant, was hired in March 2017 to help with order volume. My husband, Steve, now helps run 100% of the administrative tasks (it only makes sense since he is an Excel wizard).

We soon expanded onto Jane.com, which allows us to set up deals for batches of our most popular items at a discount. We are always busy keeping up with orders on multiple marketplaces.

Now each day we get up, start the coffee, put on the best music, and tackle the orders for the day between all marketplaces. We are so honored that, due to your support, we are able to do what we love in our home while helping you feel more in love with the place that you call home. 

Thank you so much for your continued support!



Lindsey Habrial

Owner and Founder 

Lindsey handles all day to day operations, vendor relations, inventory, and website maintenance for all marketplaces.

Stephen Habrial

Business Support

Stephen supports all day to day operations and mainly focuses on database creation and maintenance, transaction monitoring, inventory, purchasing, and order processing.

Lisa Schramm

Shop Supervisor

Lisa supervises all shop operations and oversees all shipping and receiving.

Meet The Team